Friday, April 23, 2010

Video # 9 of the Freedomwake Interview Series

Freedom Wake as it pertains to our sense of BELIEF and how we either honor or ignore the opportunity spirit provides all of us ....

Thursday, April 22, 2010

I am back ...

My deepest apologies to those who just may have been following this blog ... life certainly has a way of taking us away at times. Since my last posting, I have been quite involved in much awakening ... not to mention a lovely trip to the divine destination of St. John USVI .. hmmm heavenly!
AS for movement, there has been alot! I have combined forces with an absolutely brilliant being with whom still hasn't personally awoken to this fact
Anyways, in my absense, I have entered into this book competition which is truly the catalyst to get my butt in gear with my servings. Would love your support by lending a vote and passing it onward to all those people in your world that just may want to participate in this experience. Here is the link that will take you to the profile page where everything is explained ....

As well, I am going to post a link here that will take your eyes to a press release that was written on my behalf as it explains the intent behind entering such a creative feat ...

And finally as part of this whole freedomwake process, my marketing colleague friend conducted an almost 3 hour interview session which is now being posted as a video series on youtube for you to take a peek .... I will give you the link to the intro video - hope you enjoy!!

AHHHH that is it for now .. i do hope your days have been kind to you and your heart ... feel free to leave a comment or two should u feel guided! Big love and hugs being sent your way!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

... WAKE UP ...

As we know, this blog and freedomwake website was created as a means to be used to enlighten our paths and free our souls. In saying this it goes to reason that there will be many ways offered and shared for one to embrace should they feel the connection. This morning I would like to offer a new song that was created by the monks at Plum Village .... should you feel the urge, sing along, tap your toes or dance like no one is watching .. its all good!! For those of you reading this that may not be familar with the life work of Zen Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh, I lovingly nudge you to check out his wisdom... he is a precious gem! Have yourself a glorious day ... love abundantly!!

What a great way to start the heart, stir the spirit and dance with the soul ... check it out!
The young monastics and lay friends of the Wake Up Movement have recorded a new song to offer to Sanghas everywhere:

Friday, January 29, 2010

... full moon a calling ...

Being the fact that tonight is a beautiful full moon, I've been guided to share a little about an animal that has always captured the depths of my heart and deeply touched my soul with its unique,fascinating and powerful ways ... the wolf! The cycle of power for this creature is of course year round but also FULL MOONS and twilight.
Here is just some information regarding "wolf medicine", as written in the book ANIMAL SPEAKS by Ted Andrews ...

"perhaps it is time to learn to listen to your own insights - wolf can help you hear the inner and guard you from inappropriate actions. It will guard you as it teaches you - sometimes strongly, sometimes gently but always with love! When wolf shows up, it is time to breathe new life into your life rituals ... find a new path, take a new journey, take control of your life! You are the govenor of your life, you create it and direct it so with harmony and discipline and then you will know the true spirit of freedom!!"

So with that I invite you all the next time you gaze at a full moon to remember the magic of wolf medicine and allow yourselves the opportunity to embrace the gift of higher wisdom it so teaches those ready to learn .... and give a howl or two if you so feel guided to ... freedom awaits those willing to wake! Love, peace and blessings, always!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

food for thought ...

This following message was just emailed to me from a friend and I thought I would share it here with all as the wisdom is very powerful and something that certainly makes alot of sense to my heart! Comments and thoughts are always welcomed .. namaste beautiful ones!

Who is eating the strawberries?

The other day, while meditating, I happened to be thinking about the people of Haiti and their current strife with not having access to food and being hungry. A thought popped into my head about a very easy way to help which was tied to my past experiences and teachings with the Blackfeet & the Lakota. Let me explain . . .At certain times in any one's life, we all face uncertaintees and "forks in the road", and we search out to find answers to those pressing questions and situatoins. One of the ways that native americans go about finding their truth is to do a Hunbleceya, or what is commonly known as a Vision Quest. This vision quest involves being put up on a sacred mountain, with no water and no food, from anywhere to 1 to 4 days. There, amongst other things, they will pray to Creator for guidance.I have been blessed to be a helper at some of these Vision Quests. A helper would help in any way they could for the person going through the Vision Quest, with the excpeption of making physical and eye contact with that person. Ways to help included prayer, drinking water (very important) and . . . eating. Yes, I said drinking and eating. Since the person going through the Vision Quest was not allowed to eat or drink, in order to provide that person with the strength to go through 4 enduring days, the helpers were instructed to eat and drink for that person. This involved being very present when eating and drinking, and to eat and drink with the intent of nourishing the Vision Quester. Many times when a person came down from the mountain, he/she would ask "Who was eating strawberries? They were delicious! Thank you!" It is all about our intent and being present when eating and drinking. So I ask all of you, when you eat your breakfast, lunch and dinner in the coming days, center yourself and ask your guides to send the nourishing energies of the food that you are eating, and the liquids that you are drinking, to the people and animals of Haiti. Be very present when eating with the intent and the knowledge that this occurring. I know that this may not fill the hunger and thirst void completely for those starving in Haiti, but it may very well be enough to have them hold on until the food supplies can get to them. So if you are not in the position to send money, clothing or food, or if you are not an experienced healer to send energy healing, you can still send love and nourishment. Just food for thought . . . pun intended :)With Love and Blessings,Raphael

Monday, January 25, 2010

November 10th ...

Ok people .. just a heads up for those of you who actually were at somepoint following the "40 day process" i was experimenting with ... I just would like to report that it has not finished in fact it is still going ... I just took a few detours but have become reacquainted with the task at hand and am now once again in full motion forward ... it has taken a little twist in scenery as i have added different elements that better support my ride .. if you are wondering where you can locate the writings .. just go down to the older posts of November 10 etc ... you will see the continuation! Alrighty then, must get my stuff gathered for my visit to the GYM!!!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

.. and there is light ....

This moment I am filled with the realization that no matter how much hope gets lost amidst our life circumstances ... there must always be more hidden within the power of our faith...

As dark as things may appear to be, may we always continue to believe that the light of higher love is still within the rubble seeking to find its way through ....

This video is simply an example of just some of the miracles the world will be blessed to witness in the days to come ... abundant love and blessings to all!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

... YOU are the MIRACLE this world has been waiting for...part one, (just kidding!)

Good day lovely beings of this universe ... hmmm, my thoughts for today are comprised around energy, moreso connections, and how those attachments can reveal themselves to us!
I wasn't going to bother bringing this up as it is truly something I am certain we are all aware of in some respect on some conscious level, but nonetheless, I have decided to overlook my mind and continue on to blog about the importance of remembering this very truth.

What I was so apparently made aware of within the past 36 hours is just how one's joy is not a given or truly a certainty for others to just automatically join in and celebrate, even though the invitation has been extended! It is not uncommon for there to be changes in the norm of the relationship should one party decide to change directions in perhaps growing a little bit, or facing a challenge - whatever the case may be ... yes i know, all elementary I agree but not so in terms of how the heart receives.
One would like to believe that we are all looking out for each others' best interests without any ill intents or ulterior motives ... yes, that is the world I have tried to believe in and live from forever. Sadly enough though that is not always the case for everyone involved and sometimes, there can be moments that arise that can make one question many things, all due to the energetic connections we have with the people and relationships in our world!

HOW DOES ONE DEAL WITH THE DISAPPOINTMENTS sometimes associated with this kind of experience .....

Well, after moments of human reaction I suppose in terms of disbelief and shock over whatever it is you believe has brought forth this "wrong to the heart" you are definitely feeling ... WE HAVE A CHOICE!

Once again we can continue to walk around and carry this not so nice .." you are rocking my inner world with upset" kind of thought OR one can choose to become silent and ALLOW for the greater birth to happen! What I do know as truth for me is when I harbour even for but one moment a reactionary, stick up for myself (my ego is wounded and is now dancing in a victim suit) kind of energy .. I AM the only one that suffers! It doesn't matter who brought these feelings or actions to my door .. it is I that has to process them and find peace in the giving ... not always an easy thing to do!
The thing is, or the truth moreso, is in the realization that all of someone elses stuff be it emotions, shut downs etc. are simply only energetic releases .... where we become personally affected is due to the nature of our energetic connections with that person, place or relationship. Herein lies an opportunity though, to once again let go, detach and remain in a very well deserved place of peace and happiness for whatever special feat it is that you have just conquered!
I'm telling ya, (whomever is out there willing to listen that all of this really brings up the entire premise of acceptance ... not just in accepting someone elses space and/or opinion BUT more importantly, YOUR very own self-acceptance! THIS my friends is the key and one of the most crucial elements of yes, you know it .... self love, baby!!


Hmmm, well, I have learned to make sure to use any and all moments of awkwardness and uncomfortableness to check in deep and see what is really going down and on inside that heart of mine, regardless of the circumstances .... I consciously try to keep things in perspective and to be aware to NOT SACRIFICE the chance to pursue any of my heart dreams and longings, all because it appears that "someone may not just be rooting for ya in your personal spiritual quest" ... because quite frankly they probably aren't, because they can't, all due to their own energetic tendancies they are blindly attached to! SO ... just breathe a sigh of relief, keep loving the world the way you can and know with all certainty, that deep deep within, you are loved, cherished, whole and perfect, period!! And don't ever, give up on your dreams, as you are the miracle the world has been waiting for
.... ahhhhhhh, and so it is!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Welcome to 2010 ....

My goodness how time flies ... one needs only to view the last day of my blog entry to realize how life has filled my days with other endeavors. As with all of us living, breathing creatures, there are always soo many things to do, so many ways to be that before we know it tomorrow has already passed!

Firstly I would like to take this moment to recognize the newness upon us all and to offer my heartfelt wish for a new year filled with all of which is desired. Although I do make it a disciplined and honored opportunity each and every moment to acknowledge the gratitude that lies within my heart for this life and each day, instead of listing new years resolutions i could of set for myself this year, I instead will offer a few of the things that have recently filled my heart with awe!

The month of December ushered in what was a very unexpected, incredible gift for me to participate in some of the most powerful work I have yet to be involved in. I would firstly like to extend my utmost gratitude to all the members of this most beautiful family of Brett Duncan ...
Hmmm, with what began as a very painful and sad experience for those involved, my deepest hope and prayer is that within this last month there has been some allowance for grace to enter each of their hearts to help provide much needed strength and acceptance in dealing with such tragic life circumstances ... to be able to see through the myriad of energies, that such a happening births, and find a sense of higher understanding, acceptance and ultimate connection to that which will inevitably move us forward in our journey of spiritual discovery, freedom and remembrance of self!

Personally, this moment in time presented me with the opportunity to serve in a very intense manner ... once again if there was ever any doubt that may temporarily find its way into thought regarding the truth of an actual "other realm' of existence beyond what we are accustomed to, this was simply abolished ... the enduring faith that I have always had will and continues to simply grow exponentially after this kind of serving occurs ... what I will share is the certainty of life after AND how it is very much vibrant, alive and willing to express itself through those open in heart and filled with infinite belief and trust!

Thank you Brett for choosing this, my physical vessel, to be the means of spirit communication in a "very directed" means of reaching your loved ones with your heart messages! You have forever gifted me through the honor of your choices and presence ... god bless you forever and always brotha as you rest now in your place of divine peace!
And, for all of the family members that remain here in an attempt to pick up the somewhat fragmented and shattered pieces left behind of a life too young to leave this world, please know that infinite pray, love and help is here for you in ways beyond measure, always ...

I ask that anyone reading this post will find it within themselves to take but a moment to offer up a prayer of hope and peace to all; as all of us are intimately and forever connected as one in this tapestry of life!

Hmmm, I would also like to mention the immense gratitude I have for the birthing and final launching of this website ... it is certainly been a feat of much energetic clearing in order to allow for the emergence of its' existence ... I am grateful for the courage it has taken for me to trust and be ok with the sharing of who I am in this world and with how spirit continually is my guiding compass!

Also worthy of mentioning is the latest of my musical recordings, a song called "don't hesitate" ... the premise for writing this song came out of realizing the preciousness of this life and how fragile it can be at times ...
It is being dedicated to all beings with yet a special emphasis toward our youths and the pressures they face in today's world that sometimes get trapped and hidden within their souls - it is a call to freedom and hope for change from all the struggles that can become so much apart of their everyday world ... this one's for you Brett, in all your divine beauty and infinite glory!! Although this is not the rendition I was told was your favorite ... it is still beautiful just the same you!

And finally ... it is my deepest hope that amongst these words written that appear before your eyes, there is a desire stirring within those reading to choose and embrace this blog and website as a means of supporting one's own personal growth through subscribing to this blog and following its movement forward ... may your hearts be filled with love and joy today and always, cath

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